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New York The city’s public school system is the largest in the United States. They enrolled more than 1,063,561 students in grades K in 1996. The NYC school system operates 1120 schools with a staff of 110,709 where 57,338 are teachers. This makes the pupil to teacher ratio of 18:1. The University of NYC has […]

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New York Staten Island and Manhattan occupy separate islands The Bronx is located to the north, across the Harlem River Tourism is a major income earner in NYC. More than 25 million people visit NYC every year for tourism purposes. There are historic landmarks, fine dining, varied shopping experiences, and a host of other attractions […]

Courses LPN Online New York

New York The aforementioned article provides information on the New York City in the United States. New York City is located in southeastern New York state at the mouth of the Hudson River. It has the largest population out of all the cities in the United States. The diversity of neighborhoods in the city is […]