Can You Get Your LPN Degree Online?

Is it possible to take all of the LPN classes online? The answer is “Yes” in some schools and various states. For LPN online classes to complete, an in-person clinical can be done by visiting the local clinics where you live. You must ask the school’s admin to ensure they allow this when you apply for LPN classes online with their schools.

You may want to shorten your LPN Degree online by taking accelerated LPN courses that allow you to graduate in 6 or 9 months versus the 12-month average LPN Program.

More and more LPN schools are offering online LPN classes. However, LPNs can’t graduate due to licensing requirements unless they also take and pass hands-on training. Hands-on training means LPNs must perform activities with a registered nurse in an actual nursing environment. It requires about 70 total hours in all. Hands-on training also means you must travel to a real lab facility; thus, you can’t take all classes online to practice LPN.

Can You Get Your LPN Degree Online?

Use the JavaScript below to find all LPN schools near where you live. Questions you want to ask:

1- Do you offer LPN classes online? If yes, can I take a clinical using the local clinic where I live?
2- How many students passed the NCLEX-PN exam at your school last year?
3- Do you accept credits from volunteer work at my local hospitals?
4- Do you offer financial assistance?
5- How much is tuition per credit hour? or year?


You can find all LPN schools nearest you on this website by searching for zip codes. Please know that many schools will send you materials and solicitations for their schools. Use them to your advantage. Call all LPN schools nearest you and ask if they offer online classes and provide NCLEEX-LPN training. These are two essential questions.

LPN Classes Online

LPNs or Licensed Practical Nurses, also called Licensed Vocational Nurses in Texas and California, work in the healthcare front lines. Registered nurses supervise them in a healthcare environment that develops continuously.

LPN classes online

Several routes are involved in the journey to becoming an LPN. It is determined by the learner’s present education and preferred specialty. The salary and requirements might be different, depending on the state. However, all LPNs should possess post-high school learning to facilitate ideal patient care.

Can You Get Your LPN Degree Online?

They licensed Practical Nurses to care for ill, injured, or convalescing patients or disabled people under a registered nurse’s supervision. LPNs work in clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, group homes, private homes, and similar environments.

Fill in the details below to get more than one school to send you LPN online class details.  Make sure you confirm the online classes scheduled.

Can You Get Your LPN Degree Online?

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Among other jobs, LPNs are skilled in carrying out the following:

  • Dispense prescription medicine.
  • Assess nursing intervention results and discuss with other members of the healthcare team.
  • Pick samples from patients like urine and blood.
  • Sterilize equipment.
  • Fix appointments and store patient records.

CNA to LPN Online

Becoming a certified CNA is a significant feat. If you are a CNA and want to advance in your nursing career, it might be an excellent option for you to take steps to become a licensed practical nurse.

When you work as an LPN, this can assist you in generating more income and offer you additional job responsibilities and a higher rate of personal contentment. Online programs are present whose objective is to assist existing CNAs in getting training to help them become LPNs.

Online LPN Training

LPN classes onlineLPN training is accessible as CNA to LPN bridge programs. They are designed explicitly for CNAs to become LPNs, and some conventional LPN programs may accept or decline some CNA courses for credit. A lot of LPN training programs provide online learning options.

Joining online LPN classes rather than current ones can significantly lower the length of time you will invest in training. Also, becoming a CNA before starting LPN training is going to assist you in developing a lot faster and saving cash in the process since you are not beginning from scratch.

How to Apply for a Program

To join most bridge programs for CNA to LPN, you will be required to meet the criteria below:

  • It would be best if you were a state-registered nursing assistant
    (work experience is preferable).
  • Complete an entrance test.
  • Pass a background and drug screening exam.
  • You should be 18 years of age.

Click here to find LPN online schools nearest you.

Many vocational or technical schools and community colleges provide bridge programs for CNAs to LPNs. Every program contains certain conditions, an individual application, and an enrollment procedure.

To determine whether you qualify to start a program for CNA to LPN, it is vital to get in touch with the schools in your locality to know their particular criteria.

Joining a CNA to LPN Program

For people who finalized a section of their CNA online training, the online division of learning to become an L

LPN classes online

PN will most likely be familiar.

Online LPN training shall have physiology, biology, anatomy nursing, and pharmacology fundamentals courses.

Online learners may be required to log in frequently to participate in talks, submit papers or assignments and finalize exams.

Like CNA training, some sections of LPN training are present that you cannot complete online and should be done in person. Clinical hours are done in real-world medical amenities.

It will allow students to implement the skills acquired in their online classes. LPNs or RNs will supervise LPN students during their clinical rotations.

Can You Get Your LPN Degree Online?

National Exam

Students should complete state-specific exams to become CNAs. However, the requirements differ, and the states determine this.

To become an LPN, learners should finalize a national NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses).

This exam is provided nationwide and is customary for all learners who want the LPN designation. You should obtain permission to test before you attain the NCLEX-PN, which states the National Council of the State Boards of Nursing.

You can achieve this by applying to your regulatory body or board of nursing. After you get permission to test, you can arrange for your exam. Pearson VUE manages it in a lot of areas all throughout the state.

On the day of the exam, you shall have 5 hours to finalize the exam, which has at least eighty-five questions. After you finish the LPN training program and pass the NCLEX-PN, you can apply for licensure in the state where you shall work as an LPN. Contact your state board of nursing to know how to request licensure.

Are there any Accredited Online LPN Programs?

Since the nation is experiencing a shortage of skilled nurses, schools present unique and imaginative methods of attracting more people to the nursing sector. An example is the increased presence of online LPN programs. These programs combine quality nursing education and convenient and flexible learning to train the subsequent generation of vocational and practical nurses.

A significant benefit of online practical nursing degrees is the low risk they present. Another advantage of online LPN programs is that they have many start dates throughout the year. It signifies that admitted learners can enroll relatively fast after applying.
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It is possible as well if they apply after conventional academic start dates. It benefits people working as nurses who wish to develop their current skills and education without giving up their job.

Quick LPN classes online Programs

Students who wish to achieve an LPN Degree Online can join a program provided by numerous universities, colleges, or vocational training schools. Also, they can attain their LPN degrees by joining an online degree program.

With an LPN Degree Online, you can have flexible study timings, which enables you as a student to learn without compromising your work or even when you are traveling. In contrast to a conventional university degree, learners with an online degree should study the same courses, work on the same assignments, and sit for the same mandatory exams.

Technological growth today has also provided more convenience for students to achieve an LPN Degree Online. Lecturers use video conferencing and video chats and provide online lectures. These online programs have made the entire virtual experience more manageable.

But, students should note that as they are doing their LPN Degree, they need to be linked to a medical facility to finalize their practical section of the training, according to the guidelines set out by the online university.

LPN Classes Online Free

Some universities offer non-credit tutorials, videos, or classes to benefit professionals, students, or those fascinated with a career like LPN. Schools providing Nursing degrees are also included.

You should join a formal program if you want to become an LPN. But, numerous free online courses can assist you in deciding whether a nursing or healthcare career is appropriate for you.

They can also assist you in polishing your skills if you work as an LPN already. The material can be audio lectures, written texts, or slide shows. Optional assignments can also be included.

How Can I Get My LPN Degree Online?

Students for the Online LPN Degree usually start their learning through courses in biology and chemistry. These provide the basis for more advanced topics like child development and growth, physical education, first aid, psychological science, anatomy, and emergency medical care.

E-mail discussions, chat rooms, video conferencing, and online lectures are tools used to provide training lessons. But, it would be best to work with a local hospital or a medical facility for practical training.

All online programs differ. In addition, the learner must choose an efficient online school rather than some diploma mill, which could raise much distrust in the professional field.

When selecting a suitable online school, the learner should carefully inquire about practical/clinical experience specifics, financial assistance, and fee structure. The most critical part is examining their accreditation status; the online school needs accreditation from its state’s Board of Nursing.

Hybrid LPN Programs

Although there are no online practical nursing programs, hybrid programs are unique. They allow students to finalize theory coursework online and accomplish the useful clinical part of their education through face-to-face instruction.

Because one of the critical objectives of distance-based education is to encourage more access to advanced training by providing flexibility to working adults, most colleges that offer hybrid-nursing programs endeavor to decrease the time spent by students in physical classrooms.

So, many classes or all are online. Every nursing state board presents its clinical hour requirements; therefore, hybrid programs try to meet them.

Online Licensed Practical Nurse Programs

The Practical Nursing (PN) two-year diploma program prepares graduates to offer quality professional care to families and individuals in several settings.
From September 2012, this diploma program will provide an enhanced curriculum for more than four semesters. A training break will be from May-August, between the first year and the second year. Before, the certificate program was provided for one year with 50 instruction weeks.
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The new program teaches about the latest nursing competencies and highlights more on critical thinking. It also supports higher levels of leadership and autonomy. In September, graduates qualify to sit for their CPNRE exams during their graduating year for Practical Nurse licensure.

LPN Courses near me

If you aspire to become an LPN, it is paramount that you get a school that can cater to your particular requirements and needs. It is always wise to consult a minimum of three different schools, even more than this if possible.

Below are eight of the ideal LPN programs in the state to assist you in your search.

  1. AVTEC (Alaska’s Institute of Technology)
    AVTEC ensures that the rising demand for nursing experts in the state is catered for. The program they provide is for people already registered for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Also, it can be utilized for an associate’s degree later.
  2. Antelope Valley College
    This provides you with a comprehensive training program meant to produce some of the ideal LPNs in the country. Also, students can work towards attaining their associate’s degree.
  3. Helena College University of Montana
    The college prepares learners to venture into the working world as licensed practical nurses. Students can sit for the NCLEX-PN exam when they finalize their program.
  4. Coahoma Community College
    This college helps students to get ready for the NCLEX-PN exam. Graduates can join the workforce and begin to support other healthcare workers.
  5. Eastern Center for Arts and Technology
    This institution prepares learners to sit for the NCLEX-PN examination and join the working class. The school presents the program in part-time and full-time formats.
  6. River Valley Community College
    The program for the practical nursing program is primarily self-directed. Graduates are prepared to start working after they pass the NCLEX-PN examination.
  7. Bridgerland Applied Technology Center
  8. Bridgerland Applied Technology Center’s Practical Nursing Program enables students to utilize top-notch technology to finalize their degrees. In the state of Utah, the demand for graduates is high.
  9. Centura College
  10. Here, Students can attain a Practical Nursing Diploma. Besides, the school provides some LPN/LVN career options. The objective is to ensure that graduates become valuable health care workforce members.


Unlike other nursing work, certified practical & licensed vocational nurses do not need a college degree. However, training is required from an accredited school leading to the postsecondary nondegree award.

If you desire to become an RN (registered nurse), you should earn either an LP-to-BSN bachelor’s degree or an associate’s LP-to-BSN. However, your training in LPN will be necessary as a credit for your degree.


LPN Classes Requirements

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